Digital Training Tools

The Industry Has Never Seen This Level Of Detail Before

Your team has been to sales training workshops and seminars in the past and what is the one common request after all of the inspiration wears off?  “I wish I had that on tape so I could study it and commit it to memory.”  It’s something we have heard for years, so Red Earth decided to introduce a new, cutting-edge sales system, known as Power i, that allows industry executives to access hours of fundamental sales training (geared specifically for amenity-community selling) on their computer or specially-outfitted iPod and iTouch. What happens when a sales executive can access specific dialogue, examples and demonstrations of the sales process over and over again?  Well, much like you knowing the words to a song on the radio without ever consciously studying the lyrics, the power of repetition can produce amazing results.  When a sales executive has a comfort level with exactly what to say and how to guide the customer at every step of the way, they become more confident, better listeners and have the ability to truly connect with each and every customer.  Why?  Because they have a plan and the tools to execute that plan.  That’s the power of “Power i.”